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“Fooddy 24/7 is young fast growing company that works to make your life easier. We take responsibility for making sure that your orders from restaurants are delivered to you safely and quickly.”


2500 restaurants

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The Best of Professionals
Richard Veber

Driving the financial planning of the company by analyzing its performance and risks.

Mark Priston

Developing the marketing strategy for new and existing services.

Lory Grand

Responsible for the successful leadership and management of the company.

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“ It’s rare to get quality food with genuine quantity as per details in the website. But I found an online food ordering website which is absolutely maintaining its standard. ”


, 2 days ago

“ I found a new food app; Arabian tandoor, thru one of the social media, a new platform for online meal ordering.”


, 2 days ago

“ Arabian Tandoor, serve healthy yet delicious fresh food on time and specialized in Arabian cuisine.”


, 2 days ago

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